Field trip Tuesday April 12 with Helen Roth, on her property near Quincy which she calls Spring  Canyon. This property includes ravines and steepheads with their associated slope forests. This is a unique ecosystem with many unique plants. We are timing this visit in order to have a good opportunity to view blooms of some of our most beautiful natives including native azaleas, mountain Laurel and Florida anise. We will meet there at 9:00 central/10:00 eastern.  I will send out a separate email with specifics. 

We will be having a table at the Earth Day event from 10:00 until 4:00 on Saturday April 23 at Oaks By the Bay. Join us at our table if you like or else stop by. We will have some native plants for sale there.

On Saturday April 30, we will re-visit Ponce de Leon Sate Park with Ranger Fred Provost. We went there last fall and were excited to see the wide variety of natives located at the southern part of the park, including several species of pitcher plants. I will be sending out more information on this as we get closer to the trip. Go ahead though and get it on your calendar!


Hope to see you at some of our upcoming events!


Great Job Opportunity with Florida Wildflower Foundation!

The Florida Wildflower Foundation is seeking a dynamic person to serve as the liaison to the Florida Department of Transportation and Florida Panhandle Wildflower Alliance (FPWA) in the 16 counties that comprise FDOT District 3.

If you're a community organizer at heart, here's your chance to grow grassroots activism for the building of native wildflower habitat. As the Panhandle Wildflower Alliance liaison, you'll recruit and direct volunteer wildflower advocates and work with local leadership in each of the District 3 counties to help establish and protect wildflower habitat for butterflies and bees along roads and multiuse trails, in utility easements and within urban communities.

Learn more about this contract position and how to submit a proposal here: